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The #1 Self-Therapy App, is now 85% off, just for students

Make this your best

academic year ever

Navigate emotions & train your mind with self-guided therapy sessions to learn and practice tools and techniques designed by leading therapists.

Like a therapist,

but in your pocket

School can be stressful, love can be confusing, life gets busy, so much going on. Bloom has designed interactive and personalized sessions to help you navigate the student life.

How to sign up

Create your


Verify your

student status

Become your

own therapist

Click below on "Get this deal" and

sign up for a Bloom account

You will then proceed to quickly verify your student status

Start your journey right away to

a better mental health

Get the ultimate full mental health suite

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Our state-of-the-art assessment measures a students  mental health

and its improvements over time.

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Students receive a clear plan forwards based on their goals and assessment results with clear next steps.

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Students get access to habit series to implement new behaviors into their daily lives.

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Students learn & practice clinically

proven CBT tools and techniques 

selected by leading therapists.

Other main features include

Loved by 2 million users 

Better mental health, means better academic performance

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