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The best way

to train your mind

Self-Therapy is built on the science of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which has been proven over and over again as the most effective and efficient way to train the mind. Let’s learn why.


"CBT is the gold-standard psychological treatment— as the best standard we have in the field currently available."

Stefan G. Hofman
Boston University

What is CBT?

CBT is a therapeutic approach that focuses on challenging and changing cognitive distortions such as thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes and their associated behaviors to improve emotional regulation and develop personal coping strategies that target solving current problems.

In short, it’s a form of therapy that gives you practical strategies to really help you think and feel better.

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The CBT Triangle shows how all the corners are connected and influence each other

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"One of the goals of CBT is to empower you to be your own therapist."

Seth J. Gillihan, PhD

Clinical Psychologist, Author

What is Self-Therapy?

Self-Therapy is the method of applying therapeutic exercises in a self-guided way. Many studies have found that self-guided CBT can be very effective.

A recent study showed that self-guided online CBT has even be found to be as effective as face-to-face therapy.

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"Learning about CBT and learning its strategies have really changed my life"


a happy Bloom user

The Evidence

Countless studies and research show CBT is powerful and goes more into the causes and not just the symptoms of mental health problems.


CBT alone is up to 75%
effective for overcoming depression and anxiety after just a few modules.


Online CBT is a viable and effective alternative to face-to-face treatment with a treatment adherence of 82%.


Of users on Bloom feel better after each session.

The best way to improve your mental health

CBT outperforms almost every other treatment for anxiety disorders. Even better than medication due its low relapse rates. Furthermore, CBT treatments are usually of shorter duration, and the results are more enduring than those of other treatment methods.


Empower yourself.

Invest in your mind.

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