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Bloom is the world's first self-guided therapy platform as well as the easiest, most effective, and cost-efficient way to improve your teams’ mental well-being.

Get the outcomes of therapy, minus

the costs & hassle

Bloom gives employees tools & techniques designed by leading therapists to improve their mental health. With plans starting at $1 / week.

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Loved by 2 million users 

How it works

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Our state-of-the-art assessment measures a member's  mental health

and its improvements over time.

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Members receive a clear plan forwards based on their goals and assessment results with clear next steps.

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Members get access to habit series to implement new behaviors into their daily lives.

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Members learn & practice clinically

proven CBT tools and techniques 

selected by leading therapists.

Other main features include


Universally loved.

70% better

Percentage of members seeing significant improvement after just two sessions within the first week. Compared to just 30% in a leading clinical study.

82% as effective

Online CBT is a viable & effective alternative to face-to-face treatment, with adherence of 82%.

Therapy for less than a cappuccino

Bloom for Work starting at

$1 / week for each employee.


In a simple equation

Bloom can save you $8000 you lose in lost productivity per employee every year with just $1 / week for each employee.

The easiest way

to start Therapy.

In just 3 clicks.



Bloom is the world's first self-guided therapy platform

teaching everyone the tools & techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy to improve their mental health


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Designed by the best.

Available for all.

Seth J. Gillihan, PhD
Clinical Psychologist, Author

Bloom is fully built on the science of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which has been proven to be the most effective and efficient way to train the mind.


Therapy Advisor


Investing in mental health leads to a 4x return

A recent report by the WHO shows that every US $1 invested in scaling up mental health treatment leads to a return of US $4 in better health and ability to work.

Learn how Bloom for Work
can help your team.

Join leading companies using Bloom to better their workplace culture and business outcomes.

We can't wait to meet you! A Bloom for Work specialist will reach out to schedule a demo that aligns with your schedule.

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