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The best of Bloom, is you!

Today we want to celebrate you - our community. And wanted to take a look how our community has engaged with the Bloom library over the years.

So we wanted to share some of the best sessions and what our community loves the most.

Our Top 3 Programs 🎥

Healing Breath - lessen anxiety through the art of mindfulness.

You are enough - Develop self-love and acceptance to ease you social anxiety.

Stepping stones of Joy - Discover activities that’ll help ease your depression.

Our Top 3 Habits 🎯

Evening Journal - Find soothing activities to wind down before bed.

Daily Gratitude - Daily activities to foster more gratitude in life.

Love Mantra - Daily Mantra to help you nurture love for yourself.

Special Announcements ⭐️

With over 744 sessions we’ll have something for you to continue on and explore new sessions. Sessions that will give you new ideas, new inspiration and a sense of ease, as you continue your week. We’re here for you. Everyday.

And before we end 2 special announcements:

💝 Gift 30 days FREE You can now share Bloom with a friend and give them 30 days off and also give them a big friend discount. 📚 50% of for Students We love students and so we launched recently our student program. Share this with anyone who’s still in school and help them get Bloom for only $19.99.

Thank you for reading it to the end. And if you have comments or thoughts or ideas - email leon@enjoybloom.com with feedback. We love to hear stories from our community.


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