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Which Friends character are you?

Take the quiz and find out what FRIENDS character matches with your therapy type.


We're on a mission to help 1 billion people improve their mental health.


Be Your Own


Your daily mental health coach with interactive video CBT therapy sessions, personalized to you.

The #1 video self-therapy app.

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Bloom is a video self-therapy app. We empower everyone to be their own therapist through video-guided interactive therapy sessions based on cognitive behavioral therapy.


Train your mind with over 500+ exercises from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Do therapy yourself and get personalized daily mental health coaching sessions to manage stress and anxiety, improve sleep, build better habits, foster stronger relationships and improve the quality of life.


Bloom uses the power of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and combines interactive video classes with CBT exercises to help you improve your mental well-being, boost your mood and cultivate more joy in life. It provides daily guided interactive therapy sessions and exercises to work on your thoughts & behaviors. Join thousands of Bloom users already experiencing less stress & anxiety, more gratitude and joy in their live

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