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Be your own therapist

Bloom is an interactive video-guided CBT app to calm anxiety, reduce stress, and boost mood.


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Our mission: Help

1 billion people

improve their

mental health.

“We struggled with anxiety, stress and depressive periods and tried to get help and didn’t. When we realized that 80% of Americans can’t afford therapy and that 2 billion people will be affected by mental disorders in their lifetime but only 2/3rds get treatment - we set out to build a more scalable and affordable treatment to mental health problems”

Leon & Daniel

Founder of Bloom

Hear it from our users:

With over 1 Million downloads users around the world find value in Bloom.

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The world's first

Digital Therapist

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Bloom brings personalized therapy to you. Start your journey with daily therapy sessions based on CBT.


Guided Video

Therapy Sessions

Designed by leading therapists to help you work on Anxiety, Stress, Depression & more. Your guides work with you through the sessions.

Interactive Video Sessions & Exercises


Get personalized therapy sessions with a unique mix of video, journaling

& meditation 

Scientifically proven
clinical exercises

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a scientifically proven way to improve our well-being.

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