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Bloom builds tools to unlock human potential.

Because the world we live in, is a reflection of our thoughts. And if we practice to think and feel in healthier ways , we can change our world.

One thought a day.


We're on a mission to help 1 billion people improve their mental health.

Letter from

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Created with care.

“We grew up with parents who suffered. Each of us had our own fair share of mental health problems. When we came to NYC from Germany in the Spring of 2019 and tried to find a therapist, we saw first hand how broken the system is. Too many people are in need, and the cost of getting better is too high. Why should you need a world-class salary to get world-class mental health solutions? We are building an iOS app that can help everyone think and feel better. That’s how we make the world a better place, one app at a time."

Leon & Daniel

Bloom Founders

Giving everyone a world class therapy experience

From day 1 we wanted to partner with the best clinician in the field to make Bloom the most credible and clinically proven tool in the market.

Seth's modern approach has already inspired many people throughout the world and it was time to bring it to millions more.

Our expert

"Partnering with Bloom has been a joy from the beginning, allowing us to build the most effective app solution. The goal of CBT has always been to empower people to be their own therapist. It was time to make it scalable."

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Seth J. Gillihan, PhD

Director of Therapy at Bloom

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Designed to change minds.

Accessible for all.

Mike is a trained & licensed CBT coach, a trained actor and guide and has worked with populations of all ages and backgrounds

Shernita is a trained actor and self-care teacher as well as performer who has worked and inspired thousands around the world.

Our guides

We’re driven to make therapy truly engaging and give everyone in a self-directed experience still the guidance and trust they need to make impact in their own lives.