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Everyday we experience moments of stress, anxiety or worry. These negative emotions sometimes take over our lives and lead us into depressive periods and other mental illness. And we all need some help in these times. But for  81% of Americans therapy is still not affordable & accessible. That's why we built Bloom - a mental health coaching app to make therapy a daily routine and live a happier & healthier life. For the New Year we're giving away Bloom for 1-month for free. We hope you enjoy it.

Leon & Danielle

Founders of Bloom

The world's first

Digital Therapist

Bloom brings personalized therapy to you. Start your journey with daily therapy sessions based on CBT.

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Make your mental well-being a priority.

Be covered when negative emotions arise.

Guided Video

Therapy Sessions 

Designed by leading therapists to help you work on Anxiety, Stress, Depression & other.

Get personalized therapy sessions with a unique mix of video, journaling & mediation 

Interactive Video Sessions & Exercises

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a scientifically proven way to improve our well-being.

Scientifically proven

clinical exercises

Get insights into your mental state and how you're improving with the latest emotional AI.

Emotional Analysis

powered by AI

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All therapy programs are personalized


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"This app makes mental health approachable. I personally love the interactions that really make me think about my usage."

Sarah T.

New York, NY

"Great self-care app. I really like the brief but very relevant, focused sessions. I love the presenter whose voice is calming. Definitely recommend this one."

Candice K.

Newport, Maine

"An app everyone needs, I recommend watching one video a day and focusing on each one. It improves mental health and easy to use. Love it."

Marc S.

Austin, Texas

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