About Bloom


Bloom is the world's first 

self-guided therapy platform.

We empower everyone to be their own therapist through video-guided interactive therapy sessions based on cognitive behavioral therapy.

Bloom feels like this


We're on a mission to help 1 billion people improve their mental health.


What we stand for

Empowerment 💪

We're building Bloom to empower every user to be their own therapist. To learn the skills to unlock their full potential. As a team, we love to encourage each other to be the best version of ourselves and uplift each other. We’re supportive and share our learnings and skills.

Empathy 🐣

We care. For each other. For the user. For the mission. We strive to make an impact together. We share our own mental health stories and create a safe space for everyone and understand the importance of being vulnerable. We constantly learn and grow. And we constantly stay curious.

Open-Mindedness 🌍

We learn from our mistakes. We own them. And we constantly seek ways to improve and challenge our thinking and assumptions. We like to move fast and fail forward. We push each other to greatness. We like to create environments where people thrive and have the freedom to create. Create new ideas. Create more magic.

Perspective 👁

If we want to heal others, we have to heal ourselves. It’s about understanding each other's perspectives. To improve the product and cater to the world’s needs. We love to have thoughtful disagreements to make the product and ourselves always better.

Gratitude 🙏

We like to stay humble and grateful. For the things we have. Our users. Our team.

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DEI Transparency

We’re honest with our data, it tells us what we’re doing right and what we can do better

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Gender Data


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Ethnicity Data


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Average age

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32 years old



🐥 Up-to-date

We're always striving to make this company as culturally transparent as possible. We will be adding new sections in the future as well as keeping the current ones up to date.