Bloom is a video self-therapy app. We empower everyone to be their own therapist through video-guided interactive therapy sessions based on cognitive behavioral therapy.

Train your mind with 500+ exercises from cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Do therapy yourself and get personalized daily mental health coaching sessions to manage stress and anxiety, improve sleep, build better habits, foster stronger relationships and improve the quality of life.

Bloom uses the power of CBT and combines interactive video classes with CBT exercises to help you improve your mental well-being, boost your mood and cultivate more joy in life. It provides daily guided interactive therapy sessions and exercises to work on your thoughts & behaviors. Join thousands of Bloom users already experiencing less stress & anxiety, more gratitude, and joy in their lives.


We're on a mission to help 1 billion people improve their mental health.

We're Product People

We're Hiring

We constantly think about - how can we improve the lives of our thousands of users. We love building unique products that delight users, make them smile and want to tell the whole world about it. This means we constantly iterate and experiment and talk to our users. Through that we have grown to thousands of loving users from all around the world.

We always look for the best people to join our mission to help 1 billion people improve their mental health. Bloom is more than a company. It's a philosophy. It's the change we want to make happen in this world.

"With Bloom we are creating a new category in the mental health space of self-guided therapy."

Our Story


In 2019 Leon & Daniel, a designer & engineer driven by a common mission to help everyone to unlock their full potential, had just moved to New York. Our previous product didn't find product-market-fit, but we saw one category performing super well: Stress & Anxiety. At the same time we tried to find a therapist in New York - in short: mission impossible. 

That's when we started thinking about: How can we make therapy affordable and accessible to give everyone in the world access to a therapist?

We officially launched Bloom in January 2020.

The Team

Early on we teamed up with one of the leading CBT psychologists & best-selling author on CBT Seth Gillihan who joined as as the Head of Therapy & CBT to design all sessions.

Our amazing Creative Director Zen Pace & the entire content team of video editors, sound engineers and writers have made the experience a magical one and is working everyday to help more users find their inner strengths.

Taylor Gobar joined to lead Growth in 2021 as we are expanding in new ways and are excited about the future to come.

We are 18 people, spread across NYC, Berlin, SF & Barcelona. We envision building a culture of inclusion and belonging that is driven by a common goal: to make this world a better place for generations to come.