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Bloom is joining Spring Health


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Bloom is the #1 self-guided therapy app to make therapy accessible and affordable for all.

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The modern way of therapy.
On your terms, built on the science of CBT, designed for engagement, recommended by therapists and loved by users.

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Measure your mental health now

Take our 5 min quiz to test your cognitive, behavioral & mindfulness skills to understand how healthy your mind is.

Loved by millions of users.

Available globally.

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Bloom’s ever-growing library has over 700+ sessions from burnout to anxiety, confidence to self-esteem, to inspiration and motivation.

The biggest mental

health library.

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The full-suite of the

#1 Self-Therapy App

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Dive deeper and work on your mental health with personalized programs.

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Daily quick exercises to boost your self-care & therapy practices.

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Bloom Score

Measure your mental health with your Bloom Score.


Privacy is a human right. Your mind is yours. Bloom keeps all your information secure and encrypted. We never read anything you write. We never sell data. Period.


Empower yourself.

Invest in your mind.

Feeling is healing.

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